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Make Your Own Application- Book 2Exciting stuff for us! This week our publishing company, Reader Hill, is releasing the second book of a new devotional series, Make Your Own Application, by pastor and blogger Michael Newnham​.

In Book 2- WORK, WOES, and WISDOM– you will discover the spiritual lessons to be found in every-day life, from your job to your church community, from hard times and financial setbacks, to experiencing intimacy with our Lord. Explore this very different devotional and, of course, make your own application…

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School Sick

Hello everyone. This is Eric. I thought I would share a bit about our last few weeks. When my family goes back to school is when the Sick Bugs come to visit. It happens every year. The kids are mixing with dozens of friends, sharing toys and boogers and germs. Amy is back in the classroom, where 6th Graders know how to use a smart phone but are completely ignorant on how to use a tissue or how to wash their hands. And me? Well, I’m fulfilling my role as the One-Who-Catches-Any-Germs-That-Come-Home.

Right now, I’m miserable with a cold (thank you, my preschooler, for sharing that with me), while Amy is suffering with a bad back. Earlier in the month, I had an awful sinus infection. As for our boys… well, they get the sniffles or a bit of fever and charge ahead. They have energy to spare. We grownups are quicker to crash-and-burn, since we are already running a bit frazzled.

Sick Fund. Do you know we keep an envelope labelled “Sick Fund” just for these times? We set aside money for going out to eat when we are just to sick or miserable to cook.  Yes, we eat stuff we can get through a drive-thru during these times. Stop judging us and pass the fries. Unfortunately, there never seems to be enough in that Sick Fund envelope whenever the next Sick Wave swamps our family boat. Go figure… because I’m too sick to do the counting myself.

Well, school is back in session so the Germ Bugs are running rampant through our house. You can come by and visit, but be forewarned, these bugs are powerful things. They will wrestle you to the ground and jump inside you and infest you from head-to-toe. Just sayin’…

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LOST= “unable to find one’s way; not knowing one’s whereabouts.”

Ever felt like you were, “unable to find your way.”  I have, more times than I care to remember.  Today at Walmart with my boys, I had another “lost” moment.

I have a weird sense of remembering things with numbers and peoples’ faces, but ask to me remember where I parked, forget it.  So today I had a cart full so full that my 2 year old had to walk with my 6 year old, which I should have known was NOT a good plan.  He did what most 2 year old boys do play hard to get in a parking lot.  A kind lady helped me round him up like you round up cattle.  This was done while my 6 year old stood guarding the cart.  Thankfully, I got smart and found an empty cart, placed my 2 year old in it and put my 6 year old to work pushing his little brother across the parking lot.

So can you guess what happened next?  You guessed it, I forgot where I parked.  For ½ hour my two children followed me around the parking lot at Walmart like a ducklings following their mother across a pound!  We prayed, complained, ran into people we knew from church, and finally called daddy, 5 minutes before we found the car.

Talk about anxiety!  My heart was pounding I was in panic mode, not to mention I was hot and sweaty.  In addition, my 6 year old was complaining about pushing his brother.

Later, when we were in the car, and air conditioning and sanity came around, I got to thinking about how in life, we are all lost at some point in time.  We are all trying to find that thing, that illusive thing that promises to make us happy, less anxious, and more content.  How many hours of our lives do we waste (have I wasted) trying to find something that I can’t even identify, much less put into words.  Worse yet, many of us have found that thing that we thought would bring us extreme happiness, only to be disappointed that it was not all that we hoped for and/or did not last.

This is an age old problem, remember the women at the well 2,000+ years ago who hoped a man would be her “golden ticket”.  Jesus taught her a lesson that she would never forget, it’s not in people, stuff, fame, money, ext.,  that you find happiness it’s in Me and only Me.  Jesus offered her living everlasting water.  Translation, living everlasting peace/ happiness does not come from anything this world can offer.  It comes from what God does offer.

So if you are lost, like me, or searching for that something that will fill that part of your insides that feels like an everlasting funnel, stuff comes in but quickly goes  out, try looking for something out of this world, try looking to Jesus and see if He can fill you with that everlasting water.



2 Year Old Trouble

IMG_2579Time for some confessions by a dad,

I love my kids. I just wanted to start with that, because I really do. Our boys are amazing, wonderful kids who make my life so much fuller. But they also stretch me and force me to grow in areas I don’t always want to. Sometimes they “push my buttons” at the most inconvenient time. Yesterday was that kind of day.

Our littlest guy caught a cold earlier this week and “blessed” me with it too. So I was not at my top form.  Well, let me tell you what happened:

It was his day to get into trouble and more trouble. He started by coloring the kitchen counter with black marker, then he dumped three years of financial records in the office, then he missed while practicing on the potty and wet the bathroom floor.


Worse, our older son was there during the coloring and file dumping but did nothing to stop his sibling. Most likely, he was just too absorbed in what he was doing to really notice.

So, when sick Daddy saw all of this, he was really tempted to get mad. Oh, right, this is supposed to be an honest confession. I did get mad, and I knew I was angry.

Usually, actions like these would result in a swat on the behind or a careful slap on the offending hand, then a firm talking to. And finally, with a time-out and/or the loss of some privilege or favored toy.

But I was mad.

So I had to step back and ask Amy to handle it. I dared not try any corporeal punishment in anger, for that is wrong. And I didn’t want to have my firm voice becoming an angry one.

As parents, we need to be aware of how we are coming across to our kids. It is important that my boys learn right from wrong, but it is also vital that they understand that I love them no matter what mistakes or sins they commit. I’m their dad, after all.

Well, the kitchen counter cleaned up, for the most part, and the bathroom floor was fairly easy to clean too. I still have an hour or two of work ahead to re-sort and re-file all those financial record though. Sigh. Life as a daddy.

I’m sure there will be more adventures to follow…


This morning I was reading in the story of Isaac and Rebecca, where Isaac was visiting a king and he was afraid that the king would kill him and take his wife Rebecca so Isaac told the king that his Rebecca was his sister.  The interesting part about this story is only a few chapters back in Genesis, Isaac’s father Abraham did the exact same thing with his wife Sara, for the exact same reason.

The sins of the fathers pass down to future generations, is that not true with us?  I know for me there are many habits and yes sins, I do that are similar to my parents.  Sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes not so good.   Is it possible to weed out the bad things of our family of origin and keep the good?  I believe so, but it takes hard work, perseverance, and a community of people to help us.

There are two things that help me, one it understanding.  Knowledge comes with understanding.  The more I learn about my family generations past, the more I can understand what caused the behavior in my parents.  That knowledge helps me be able to, not accept sinful behavior, but empathize with my parents and keeps me aware of triggers that might cause poor choices in my own life.

The second thing I found to be helpful is, I tend to be what I think so if I dwell on the sinful things my parents did, I tend to repeat them even when I do not mean to.   However, when I focus on the positive things they did I tend to repeat those things as well.

I realize that many people did not have a great examples from their parents.  I have my share of hurts and wounds that I have to grieve and work through.  However, my parents taught me some good things like how to laugh, the importance of a relationship with Jesus, and the importance of a good education and to become everything that you were intended to be.

I challenge you and myself, to learn as much as you can about your family history generations back and see if there are any patters that need to be broken.  I also challenge you to find at least one thing that your parents did right and stay focused on that and repeat it in your own life.  After all life is too short to waste time on the negative and uniformed.


Finding Happyness in Life with Little Ones

while reading about Abraham and Isaac in the Bible.  The name Isaac means “laughter” His parents, who waited a long, long, time to have a child, named him Isaac, or laughter because he brought them great happiness.

Do all our children, bring us happiness every minute of every day? NO! Many times they being every emotion, from laughter to frustration all in one day!!  However, they teach us so much.  My boys have a sweet way to look at the world.  It is so simple.   They instinctively know how to have FUN.  Even if it is turning a toy barn yard into a rocket ship.

When did I stop having fun?  How can I have fun in the mist of life, bills, cleaning, potty training, etc.?  Maybe taking some time like Abraham and Sara did to be grateful for the gift that children give, yes gift, the gift of seeing life though their eyes and being stretched to love and live like they do, trusting and eager to learn.

Just my thoughts from this morning.  I pray that I, and any readers learn to laugh and find a grateful heart, because no matter what our circumstances, we call have at least one thing to be grateful to God for.  And the only way I know how to combat evil is through love, and where there is happiness and joy, there is love.




IMG_2552Hi Everyone,

Today is Father’s Day 2015 and this is fitting that this blog is being birthed today with myself(Amy) and my husband(Eric) as co-writers.

Let me introduce myself. I am a full time wife and mother and teacher. I am married to a wonderful father/writer/publisher/business man/all-around-hero, Eric. We have two sons, ages 6 and 2. I teach 6th grade Language Arts/ Social Studies at a public middle school about 40 minutes away. When I am on summer break, like now, I enjoy spending time with my hubby and boys, catching up with friends on FB and a new interest, cooking. This may throw some readers for a loop since the title of this blog is Fast Food Family. Well rest-at-ease, yes during the school year we eat out but that is what I am desperately trying to change since, in addition to my crazy world, I am a member of Weight Watchers and most likely will be a member forever, since eating and weight are a struggle for me.

So if you are a family that has a crazy-but-full life like mine, please feel free to flow this blog. It is my hope and prayer that, together,  this will become a community of people far and wide that will support and encourage each other on life’s journey. After all: united we stand, divided we fall.

Next blog will be about how to potty train a resistant 2 year old without losing your mind. Any suggestions???