School Sick

Hello everyone. This is Eric. I thought I would share a bit about our last few weeks. When my family goes back to school is when the Sick Bugs come to visit. It happens every year. The kids are mixing with dozens of friends, sharing toys and boogers and germs. Amy is back in the classroom, where 6th Graders know how to use a smart phone but are completely ignorant on how to use a tissue or how to wash their hands. And me? Well, I’m fulfilling my role as the One-Who-Catches-Any-Germs-That-Come-Home.

Right now, I’m miserable with a cold (thank you, my preschooler, for sharing that with me), while Amy is suffering with a bad back. Earlier in the month, I had an awful sinus infection. As for our boys… well, they get the sniffles or a bit of fever and charge ahead. They have energy to spare. We grownups are quicker to crash-and-burn, since we are already running a bit frazzled.

Sick Fund. Do you know we keep an envelope labelled “Sick Fund” just for these times? We set aside money for going out to eat when we are just to sick or miserable to cook.  Yes, we eat stuff we can get through a drive-thru during these times. Stop judging us and pass the fries. Unfortunately, there never seems to be enough in that Sick Fund envelope whenever the next Sick Wave swamps our family boat. Go figure… because I’m too sick to do the counting myself.

Well, school is back in session so the Germ Bugs are running rampant through our house. You can come by and visit, but be forewarned, these bugs are powerful things. They will wrestle you to the ground and jump inside you and infest you from head-to-toe. Just sayin’…

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