2 Year Old Trouble

IMG_2579Time for some confessions by a dad,

I love my kids. I just wanted to start with that, because I really do. Our boys are amazing, wonderful kids who make my life so much fuller. But they also stretch me and force me to grow in areas I don’t always want to. Sometimes they “push my buttons” at the most inconvenient time. Yesterday was that kind of day.

Our littlest guy caught a cold earlier this week and “blessed” me with it too. So I was not at my top form.  Well, let me tell you what happened:

It was his day to get into trouble and more trouble. He started by coloring the kitchen counter with black marker, then he dumped three years of financial records in the office, then he missed while practicing on the potty and wet the bathroom floor.


Worse, our older son was there during the coloring and file dumping but did nothing to stop his sibling. Most likely, he was just too absorbed in what he was doing to really notice.

So, when sick Daddy saw all of this, he was really tempted to get mad. Oh, right, this is supposed to be an honest confession. I did get mad, and I knew I was angry.

Usually, actions like these would result in a swat on the behind or a careful slap on the offending hand, then a firm talking to. And finally, with a time-out and/or the loss of some privilege or favored toy.

But I was mad.

So I had to step back and ask Amy to handle it. I dared not try any corporeal punishment in anger, for that is wrong. And I didn’t want to have my firm voice becoming an angry one.

As parents, we need to be aware of how we are coming across to our kids. It is important that my boys learn right from wrong, but it is also vital that they understand that I love them no matter what mistakes or sins they commit. I’m their dad, after all.

Well, the kitchen counter cleaned up, for the most part, and the bathroom floor was fairly easy to clean too. I still have an hour or two of work ahead to re-sort and re-file all those financial record though. Sigh. Life as a daddy.

I’m sure there will be more adventures to follow…

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