This morning I was reading in the story of Isaac and Rebecca, where Isaac was visiting a king and he was afraid that the king would kill him and take his wife Rebecca so Isaac told the king that his Rebecca was his sister.  The interesting part about this story is only a few chapters back in Genesis, Isaac’s father Abraham did the exact same thing with his wife Sara, for the exact same reason.

The sins of the fathers pass down to future generations, is that not true with us?  I know for me there are many habits and yes sins, I do that are similar to my parents.  Sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes not so good.   Is it possible to weed out the bad things of our family of origin and keep the good?  I believe so, but it takes hard work, perseverance, and a community of people to help us.

There are two things that help me, one it understanding.  Knowledge comes with understanding.  The more I learn about my family generations past, the more I can understand what caused the behavior in my parents.  That knowledge helps me be able to, not accept sinful behavior, but empathize with my parents and keeps me aware of triggers that might cause poor choices in my own life.

The second thing I found to be helpful is, I tend to be what I think so if I dwell on the sinful things my parents did, I tend to repeat them even when I do not mean to.   However, when I focus on the positive things they did I tend to repeat those things as well.

I realize that many people did not have a great examples from their parents.  I have my share of hurts and wounds that I have to grieve and work through.  However, my parents taught me some good things like how to laugh, the importance of a relationship with Jesus, and the importance of a good education and to become everything that you were intended to be.

I challenge you and myself, to learn as much as you can about your family history generations back and see if there are any patters that need to be broken.  I also challenge you to find at least one thing that your parents did right and stay focused on that and repeat it in your own life.  After all life is too short to waste time on the negative and uniformed.


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