Finding Happyness in Life with Little Ones

while reading about Abraham and Isaac in the Bible.  The name Isaac means “laughter” His parents, who waited a long, long, time to have a child, named him Isaac, or laughter because he brought them great happiness.

Do all our children, bring us happiness every minute of every day? NO! Many times they being every emotion, from laughter to frustration all in one day!!  However, they teach us so much.  My boys have a sweet way to look at the world.  It is so simple.   They instinctively know how to have FUN.  Even if it is turning a toy barn yard into a rocket ship.

When did I stop having fun?  How can I have fun in the mist of life, bills, cleaning, potty training, etc.?  Maybe taking some time like Abraham and Sara did to be grateful for the gift that children give, yes gift, the gift of seeing life though their eyes and being stretched to love and live like they do, trusting and eager to learn.

Just my thoughts from this morning.  I pray that I, and any readers learn to laugh and find a grateful heart, because no matter what our circumstances, we call have at least one thing to be grateful to God for.  And the only way I know how to combat evil is through love, and where there is happiness and joy, there is love.



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