Welcome to Fast Food Family!

We just wanted to have a place to talk about kids, family, marriage, and life in general. Sometimes, it can feel like we are going through life alone, that we are facing problems that no one else can relate to. We hope that, by sharing, we will help some to laugh, some to sigh with relief that they aren’t alone, and everyone to appreciate this wonderful thing we have called life.

Why is your site called Fast Food Family? Well, it kind of explains how hectic it can get in our lives. Besides, have you ever tried to take a 2 year old into a sit-down restaurant? Our kids are great, but you can never know when a temper tantrum or a bout of laughter will explode from the little darlings.  Sometimes, the best that you can do is go through a drive-thru.

Our family isn’t super-spiritual, nor do we have it “all together”, but we enjoy life and we love each other.  We thought it might be good for us to write about some of our experiences, sharing the struggles and the laughs.

We also like the name Fast Food Family because it sticks in your mind like toffee candy sticks in your teeth. 🙂

Where can I read your latest blog posts? Please click on the Blog page to read our latest stuff.


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